5 Often Overlooked Areas Of Bathroom Design

The bathroom, although often one of the smallest rooms in a home, is packed full of design options and decisions. It is easy to get caught up in the large decisions, such as new tile, bathtubs, and shower enclosures, when remodeling a bathroom. However, there are several small details in a bathroom that, if you pay attention to them from the beginning, can make your look more cohesive and bring out some of the unique features of your bathroom. Below are five of the areas that many people do not consider when they are planning to remodel their bathroom. 

The Ceiling 

Often, the ceiling in a bathroom is painted a plain neutral color or the same color as the walls. However, the ceiling is one area where you can add a splash of color and a little more intricacy to your design, especially if the rest of the room is plain or understated. You might consider stenciling a design onto the ceiling in order to integrate the wall colors with a pop color. Alternatively, you can apply vinyl decorations or have a freehand picture painted onto your ceiling. This can give an interesting focal point for people who are using the bathtub and looking up in your bathroom. 


While you may consider some storage, such as under-sink storage, many people add a storage piece to their bathroom as an afterthought. However, if you have many people using one bathroom or if you have several sets of towels to store in the bathroom, then you should think about your storage plans before you begin designing your new bathroom. A large statement piece, such as a wicker cabinet or a modern, open-faced shelf, can change the look and feel of your bathroom. Additionally, internal storage that is built into the walls can give your bathroom a warmer, more cohesive feel. 


When you are remodeling your bathroom, you may want to update the molding around your windows to help it match your current look. Additionally, you should plan what type of window coverings you will use. For a sleek, modern look, you may want to use vinyl appliques on your bathroom windows or install smart glass, which will allow you to change the amount of tint or frosting your bathroom windows have based on your current bathroom usage. For example, you can allow full sunlight in the bathroom the majority of the time, but frost the lower half of your windows while you are bathing. 

The Door 

You do not have to replace your bathroom door during a remodel, but you should consider updating it with a coat of paint to match the rest of your bathroom. Additionally, you should consider updating the handle, lock, and any hooks on your door so that they complement your sink or bathtub features. For example, you may want to update your door handle to brushed copper if you are installing copper sink fixtures. 

Furthermore, if you have two doors to the same bathroom, you may want to update the locking system so that both doors lock when either door is locked. 


Finally, you should make sure that artwork is a consideration for your bathroom from the beginning of the design process. Many people add artwork as an afterthought. However, it is a good idea to choose one or two pieces of artwork and base your design around them, utilizing colors and themes from the art. This will give your bathroom a richer sense of planning and execution. 

If you have trouble tying all of the little details into your overall bathroom design, you should talk to a design consultant from a company like Bath Planet Inc who can help you realize the bathroom of your dreams.