4 Ideas for Decorating Your Home’s Exterior With Rain Chains

If you have decided to replace your rain spouts with something more delicate and appealing, you may have decided to use rain chains instead. Not only do these simple, elegant chains pull water down and away from your house and foundation, they can also be decorative conversation pieces. If you're interested, use the ideas below to learn how to decorate your new chains to fit your style.

Use Outdoor Christmas Lights to Add Light

Your rain chains can serve a dual purpose by adding strains of outdoor Christmas lights. The rain chains can redirect the water and add a small amount of light around the dark corners of your house. And since the light bulbs are waterproof, they won't burn or short out when the rain water flows over them. 

To use the lights, you can either weave them into the chains, or wrap them around the links. Make sure to start the plug at the top to keep it from hanging at the bottom of the chain, which would distract from the beauty and effect.

Weave Multicolored Glass Beads into the Chain

If you want to add hints of color to your rain chain, either use old strains of glass beads or purchase them at a craft store. Then, weave them in and around the links. When the sun shines off of your rain chain, it will illuminate the glass and create a kaleidoscope of color on your house's siding.

However, if you have a specific color scheme and do not want to use multicolored beads, you can use the colors of your choice. If you have two or more colors in mind, you could combine this idea with the one in the next paragraph to blend the hues together.

Hang Several Chains From Each Corner

If you feel one chain would look too bare, you could always hang more than one from the same hook attached to your home's eaves. There are a couple of ways you could design your substitute rain spout with this multi effect.

First, you can let the chains hang straight down, allowing the water to run down each one. However, with this method, you should keep in mind that the water may land in multiple areas on the ground. Also, if the wind picks up, they could become entangled or caught in any nearby bushes. 

Second, you could use three or more and braid them together. This will keep the chains from blowing haphazardly around, as well as keep the water flowing in the same direction.

Hook Cheap Keychains From The Links

If you have a specific theme in mind, you could find cheap keychains and hang them as ornaments from the links. You could hang one from each link to create a full effect, or place one every three or four links for minimalist, sparse appearance.

For example, if you love the beach, you could find keychains that feature small sea shells and tropical fish. You could then alternate the keychains, or you could line up a few sea shells, then intersperse the fish between them. 

Keep in mind, try not to pick ones that are too big for the chain. They could make the chain uneven, forcing the water towards the direction of your house and causing puddling around your foundation.

The above ideas are meant to get you started in decorating your home's new rain chains. However, if you need more ideas for incorporating them in your home's design scheme, you may want to speak to a representative at the store where you purchased them to get additional ideas and pointers.