Planning Your Custom Home? 2 Places To Install Cable Rails & Their Advantages Over Other Rails

If you are planning your dream home, then you know that every little choice you make in design and material will affect just how much you love your home for many years to come. If you haven't heard of cable railing or don't know of its uses, then you may be ecstatic to find out that it helps you produce that little special effect you didn't know how to create or how it can help you turn a home feature you currently think is a bit "ho-hum" into an amazing one. While there are many more uses for cable railing, here are two places you should consider having it installed in your new home and the advantage of choosing this railing over other options.

1. Cable Railing Along Your Indoor Staircase Keeps that Open Floor Plan Truly Open

If you have already decided that you would like your home to have an open floor plan, then you likely love how this type of floor plan can not only help your home feel more spacious and airy but also help promote a close-knit family. When your home's main rooms are not sealed off by having four walls around them, your family can engage with each other and enjoy quality conversations, even when each family member is in a separate room. 

However, if you are building a two-story (or more) home, then the wrong staircase railings can potentially interfere with the view from one room to another. This cannot only interfere with that open, airy feeling you would like in your home, but it can also block the vision of family members during discussions. If you choose cable railing for that indoor staircase, you can have that staircase installed wherever it works best structurally and works well for your family without worrying about the railings hindering both that open and airy feeling in your home you desire on the floor of your home and the ability of your family to engage in important discussions. 

Don't like the look of traditional steel cable rails? You can choose a durable powder coating in any color you think will work best with the color scheme of the surrounding rooms. 

2. Cable Railings Around that Outdoor Deck Provide a Clear View of Nature and Children

If you are planning to have a deck attached to the back of your home, so your family can enjoy some much-needed time outdoors on nice days, then you don't want to obstruct that view of the backyard with your deck railings. Having a clear view of your yard and the surrounding scenery not only provides a more relaxing experience when kicking back on that deck, but it also allows you to watch your children closely when they are playing in the yard without having to get up out of your chair to supervise them. 

Cable railings can be installed around that outdoor deck, too, and when installed properly, they keep your children just as safe as thicker, view obstructing railings. Just like indoor cable rails, outdoor rails can be powder coated to achieve any look you desire. 

Other Cable Rail Advantages

Now that you know how the virtually invisible appearance of cable rail can help you meet your home design goals, you likely wonder how they compare against other types of rails in durability, safety, and ease of maintenance.

  • Most cable rails are made of stainless steel (although some manufacturers do offer other material options, such as aluminum), and stainless steel is known as one of the most durable materials in the world. 
  • Cable rails are very safe as long as they are installed with enough tension; the rails do not move at all and are just as rigid as other rails when installed with appropriate tension. If you have a small child who likes to climb, you may want to choose vertical cable rails instead of horizontal ones. Also, to keep children safe, make sure there are no spaces larger than 4-inches under or between rails and fence posts, no matter what type of fencing you are choosing to install. 
  • Stainless steel cable rails are very low-maintenance and require no regular maintenance at all! They don't rot like wooden rails or warp like plastic. Stainless steel also doesn't rust, which it why it has become the predominant metal used to make kitchen equipment. 

When designing your custom home, you want to choose every feature of your home carefully to make sure you love it just as much a decade from now as you do today. Cable rails are a great option to include along your indoor staircase and around your outdoor deck due to their sleek, virtually invisible look and durability. Contact a company like Cable Rail Direct for more information.