Create An Alluring Centerpiece For Your Dining Room Table

If your parents gave you a couple Simon Pearce glassware vases for your birthday and you would like to use the glassware as part of a centerpiece for your dining room table this holiday season, fill the vases with artificial flowers and foliage and add additional decorative details by completing the project that follows. If you will be hosting dinners at your house in the upcoming weeks, the vases and flowers will provide your dining area with timeless beauty that can be enjoyed through each meal. 


  • measuring tape
  • foam sheet
  • artificial flowers and foliage
  • utility knife
  • plastic straw
  • dull knife
  • spool of ribbon
  • scissors
  • garland
  • artificial snow spray
  • plastic sheeting
  • battery-operated holiday lights

Fill Vases With Arrangements

Purchase a sheet of foam and artificial flowers and foliage. When selecting flowers and foliage, think about the color scheme in your dining room so that you can select items that will enhance the glass vases and the other decor in the room. Use a flexible measuring tape to measure the diameter of each vase's base. Use a utility knife to cut pieces of foam that are the same shape as the base of each vase and that are slightly smaller than the measurements that you obtained with the tape measure.

Insert one foam piece in each vase and use a plastic straw or the tip of a dull knife to push the foam pieces toward the bottom of the vases. The foam pieces will hold the flowers and foliage in place and the foam will act as a buffer between the ends of the stems and the glass so that the glass does not become scratched. After separating flowers and foliage and placing them in piles, insert the tip of each stem into one of the foam bases until both vases are filled.

Add Ribbon, Garland, And Lights

Cut two pieces of brightly-colored ribbon and tie the ribbon pieces around the tops of the vases. Create a standard bow with the ends of each piece of ribbon. Place two pieces of garland on a surface that is covered with plastic sheeting. Use a can of artificial snow spray to add a coating of faux snow across the surface of the garland.

After the garland pieces have dried, set the glass vases in the center of the dining room table and wrap one piece of garland around the base of each one. Place battery-operated holiday lights next to the glass vases and garland pieces. During dinners, dim lighting in the dining room and turn on the holiday lights so that you and your guests can enjoy looking at the decorative centerpiece.