3 Ways To Protect Your Stone Countertops

If you have stone countertops, you need to take special care in order to ensure that they don't get stained. Stone is really easy to stain because it is a porous material. The last thing you want is your expensive stone countertops to have stains on them. Stains can be prevented through the right proactive and preventative steps.

Seal Your Stones

The best way to protect your stones is by stealing your stones. Stealing your stones will help prevent food and liquids from soaking into the porous of your countertop. You can test your countertop to make sure it is still sealed by pouring some water on your countertop where you use your countertop the most. Let it sit for about five to ten minutes, then wipe up the water. If there is a dark spot where the water was at, your countertops are no longer properly sealed. This can happen over time, even if your countertops were sealed to begin with.

If your countertops are no longer maintaining their seal, hire a stone care technician to seal your counters again for you. Well-sealed counters are the most important defense against stains on your countertops.

Take Precautions

You don't want to let acidic liquids to come into contact with your stone countertops. There are steps you can take to protect your countertops from every day wear and tear.

When you need to cut something up, always use a cutting board. When you set food on your countertop, always put down a thin plastic cutting board to protect your granite countertops. Have coasters on hand and place them under any glasses, cars and bottles that you keep on your countertop. If you have hot pots and pans, always put a potholder under them.

These proactive steps will help protect your natural stone countertops and ensure that they last a long time.

Be Careful with Cleaning

Finally, be careful with cleaning. Do not use vinegar and water to clean your stone counter tops; vinegar is acidic and will damage your stone. Vinegar is great for cleaning lots of surfaces, just not stone.

Avoid using dish soap and water, as that can actually leave a filmy buildup behind. Over time, that filmy buildup will cause your counters to look discolored. Glass cleaner is not the way to go either as it can actually dull the polish on your countertop.

Instead, purchase pH neutral cleaners for your counter tops. You can make your own neutral pH cleaner, or you can easily find a natural pH cleaner in the cleaning aisle of your local store.

If you to protect your stone countertops from stains, make sure the sealant is holding up, always be proactive about protecting your stone countertops, and clean them with a pH neutral cleaner. For more information, contact companies like Aldayna.