3 Tips For Inspecting Gutters For Damage And Doing Repairs

Gutters are part of your home that can do a lot to protect against damage to the foundation or even roofing of your home. They are also areas that can lead to problems with they become corroded, leak or have other damage. Therefore, it is a good idea to routinely inspect your gutters for problems like leaks or loose fastening systems. Here are some tips for inspecting your gutters for damage that can lead to costly repairs:

1. The Leaks of Seams of Different Types of Gutter Systems

Many gutters are sectional systems, which mean that sections of gutters are connected by fastening the seams. This is an area of gutters that is vulnerable to leaks, as well as problems like gutters working loose from their fasteners. Having seamless gutters installed will help prevent these problems, but you will still want to check corners where seams are located with these systems. This is because seamless gutters have fewer seams, but may still have them in areas where different roof slopes meet, such as in corners.

2. Gutter Problems That Lead to Roof Damage and Rot at Eaves

The roof of your home is also vulnerable, especially if you do not have good gutter guards installed. Problems like ice damages and tree debris buildup at the gutters and cause wear of shingles and leaks that can damage eaves. To ensure these problems do not affect your home, make sure you clean the gutters regularly and remove snow during the winter months. Having a good gutter guard system installed will also help to prevent these problems and reduce the chores of cleaning your gutters.

3. Problems with Drainage and Gutter Downspouts That Cause Exterior Damage

The drainage of your gutters is important and goes through drainage pipes called downspouts. These are areas of your gutter systems that can cause damage to the exterior of your home, as well as the foundation. Corrosion and leaks near the downspout can damage materials like corner-boards of siding and other vulnerable wood features. If you do not have proper drainage for your gutter downspouts, this can also lead to problems with your foundation. Check to make sure downspouts do not have leaks and that you have extra drain lines installed to carry water away from your foundation.

These are some tips for inspecting your gutters for damage that can lead to costly repairs. If you need repairs and improvements done to your gutters, contact a gutter repair service for help.