Clearing Up Cloudy Water In Your Aquarium: What You Can Do

When you look into your aquarium, you want to see your beautiful fish and plants, but if your water is too cloudy, all you're going to see is gray water. This is not only unsightly, but it can also be harmful to your fish. If your aquarium tank is cloudy, you need to get it cleared up. Read on for helpful information to get this job done.

Clean The Gravel

The gravel in the base of your tank needs to be cleaned before you use in in your tank. This is because it has dust or dirt on it, and when water is added, it will make your water cloudy. Empty the tank and rinse the gravel with clean water. When the water is clear, you know your gravel is thoroughly clean. Replace the gravel in the tank and add water, plants, and your fish again. Your water should be clear. If it isn't, read on.

Test Your Water

Your water may have a high pH level and needs to be adjusted. The water directly out of your tap may have higher levels of metal or other things that can lead to the cloudy water. If this is the case, you may need to use filtered water. If this isn't possible, visit your local aquarium supply store for water conditioners to help treat your water and level out the pH (alkalinity) levels.

Remove Bacteria

Bacteria in the water can lead to cloudy water. You may notice the cloudy water after a few weeks of having your tank. The bacteria may be from dying plants, from fecal matter, or from food that wasn't eaten. You should clean your tank every couple of weeks to prevent this from occurring. You can do this by draining the tank and giving it a deep clean, vacuuming the gravel, removing the dead plants, and by not over-feeding your fish.

Clean Out Algae

If your water is cloudy with a tinge of green, or you notice green on the walls of your tank, this is most likely algae. The algae needs to be removed and cleaned. You'll need to give your tank a deep clean. Replace your gravel, wipe out your entire tank, and clean any faux plants inside. Algae may be caused by decaying plants or food in the water, excess phosphates in the water, as well as having too much light. Make the necessary adjustments to keep your tank clear.

If your water is beginning to turn cloudy, don't ignore it, as it could worsen and may end up affecting the health of your fish. If you aren't sure what you're doing, talk to your aquarium supply store about helpful tips.

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