Ready To Design Your Dream Kitchen? 4 Tips To Keep In Mind

As you get ready to design your dream kitchen, there may be some elements that you know you want. Perhaps you know you want to have a double-oven, or you have always dreamed about a certain type of cabinet. However, other details that make  good kitchen design are not always as obvious.

#1 Make the Walkways Wide

You want to have space to move through your kitchen. Make sure that all your pathways in your kitchen offer at least three feet of space, although four feet of space is ideal if you will have multiple people working and moving in the kitchen at the same time. Making the walkways wide enough will also ensure you have enough space to open all of your cupboards and access the food and cooking supplies you need.

#2 Pay Attention to the Traffic Flow

Next, pay attention to how traffic will flow through your kitchen. You don't want the major walk-way through your kitchen to be right next to your cooktop. You don't want kids or adults walking by to catch and disrupt pots and pans on the stove or get burned.

On the flipside, you want your fridge and your sink to be easy to access. These are two items that most people in your home will access, even if they don't do a lot of cooking in the kitchen. Pay attention to how traffic flows, and even gets congested, in your kitchen right now and think about how you can change the traffic flow in your kitchen.

#3 Leave Counter Space Near Your Cooktop & Fridge

When designing the counter space in your kitchen, make sure to leave room around your cooktop and fridge for extra counter space. When you cook, you are going to want to have a space to place ingredients and supplies that you need. Be sure to leave yourself at least a foot and a half of counter space on either side of your cooktop. It is also a good idea to leave counterspace near your fridge as well. That way, you have somewhere to sit food as you unpack your groceries and when you are pulling items out of the fridge.

#4 Add Lots of Outlets

As you redesign your kitchen space, be sure to add lots of outlets along the backsplash. If you are putting in an island, put outlets there as well. If you have any cupboards where you want to store items, such as a toaster, you may want to put outlets inside of the cupboards so you can easily pull the item out and access a plug.

When you design your kitchen, think beyond the type of appliances, cabinets, and countertops you want in your space. Think carefully about the walkways and flow of movement through your kitchen, and be sure to account for plenty of outlets.