Reasons To Put Custom Window Treatments On Your Rental Home’s Windows

You want to make your rental home as inviting to potential renters as possible. This way, you are able to get renters into your home as quickly as possible and not worry so much about the space between renters and getting an income.

You can put custom window treatments on your windows to give your rental home new fun and appeal. Here are reasons why you should have this upgrade done.

You upgrade your home without a huge impact

Whether you want to save money on a home renovation project or you just don't want to have contractors in and out of your home renovating your house, you want to make sure you pick a project that will noticeably improve your home with the least amount of impact. A custom drapery specialist will create all the drapes you need in their office and only come to your rental home to take measurements. Otherwise, you will be able to hang up your window treatments yourself unless you want your window treatment specialist to return and do that for you.

You add a charming and private appeal to your home

Your rental home will be given more charm and privacy by getting window treatments put in. If you want to create ample privacy, opt for wooden blinds and thicker materials for the windows, such as velvet or burlap. You can also have honeycomb shutters and plantation shutters put in your rental home's windows to give them a more contemporary yet classic appeal.

If you are going for attractive appeal, then stick to materials that will add dimension and texture, such as an overlay of lace or satin. Use colors that are neutral in design but also match the rest of the home's decor so your window treatments offer ample privacy your renters will appreciate as well as added allure that pulls the home together.

You make your rental home feel more inviting

Renters want to live in a rental home that is taken care of and appreciated. When you make the investment in your rental home by adding custom window treatments in the main rooms — namely the dining room, living room, kitchen, and other common areas — you show your renters that you appreciate the home you have and want to offer the best living conditions for the people who rent from you. Discuss custom window treatment options with a company like Ripley's Blind & Drapery to see what designs will work for your budget.