Need a Home Office? Create One Right in the Master Bedroom

If your home doesn't come with enough space to create your very own dedicated home office, you may be left wondering where you can get any work done. But there are many ways to add an office space right into the master bedroom or suite. How? Here are a few ideas anyone can try no matter how large or small your bedroom.

1. Walk-In Closet.

Most master bedrooms come with a walk-in closet of some size. This generous space for your clothes and shoes is the perfect area to turn into a functional home office. It even has doors you can close either to hide the office from view or to focus on your work. You'll have to find a different location for your clothes, but a well-chosen armoire or two could take care of that. 

2. Screened-Off Space.

If you don't have a large closet, why not create an office nook utilizing privacy screens? Screen placement can be customized to accommodate any location you need to use, creating a three-walled 'office' that is separated from the main bedroom. Look for screens that match the decor of the main bedroom for a cohesive look.

3. Hanging Desk.

If you don't need much actual workspace, consider installing a hanging desk. Much like a Murphy bed that drops down from a dedicated cabinet, a hanging desk takes up no floor space and can be hidden away when not in use. Complement it with an attractive nearby chair and even a few office supplies hidden in a cabinet or on hanging shelves. 

4. Lounge Area.

Many master bedrooms are large enough that you can include a few comfortable pieces of lounge furniture to relax on. You can also use this area for working at home with a little clever re-imagining. Opt for a coffee table or side tables that lift up to create a comfortably-positioned work desk. You can also place your supplies inside the hidden storage. You can find other furniture with hidden potential, including ottomans with interior storage, flexible overhead lighting, and underside storage below sofas and chairs.

5. Bay Window.

If you own the home, consider investing in a small addition to the master bedroom to create space for a home office. A bay window is perfect. With little outlay, you'll have a few more feet for a modest workspace — and you have a great view to enjoy while working. 

Which of these ideas could work in your master suite? Contact local furniture stores to learn more about how to set up a productive workspace.