A Handyman Can Help An Elderly Person Organize Phone Placement

A handyman handles all kinds of repair and carpentry work in the home. Little problems that go without a fix might lead to worse troubles down the road. Calling a skilled repair pro allows for a less-costly fix at the earliest point. Handymen do more than provide fix-it work. They often perform basic carpentry jobs that are outside the skillset of a homeowner. These little jobs might help in numerous ways. For someone worried about an elderly loved one misplacing his or her phone, a handyman can come in, well, handy.

Phone Troubles and Handy Solutions

Older adults should not be too far from their phones. Purchasing a basic flip phone for an older adult might not be enough, though. Things can go wrong. The older person could drop the phone in between a couch's cushions or leave it in another room. Due to reduced hearing, he/she might not be able to find the phone when it rings. Calling in a handyman to help out here might not present a perfect solution, but even a little assistance could go a long way.

Shelves for Flip Phones

First, it might be a good idea to purchase two phones. The first phone could be a primary phone with full service, while the second could be a pay-go phone used as a backup. If one phone ends up lost, the second phone serves as a backup. A handyman could help out here by installing a shelf close to where the older adult spends most of his/her time. For example, if he/she sits on the couch, watching TV most of the day, installing a shelf next to the couch could be a good idea. Perhaps the handyman can mount the tray on the wall level to the sofa. The shelf could also include slits where the charging cables run from the mounting area to an outlet. The inclusion of a sturdy rack now adds better order to the use of the flip phone.

Mounting a Landline Phone

Adding a landline phone might deliver another way to ensure relatives and others can contact the older person if something goes wrong with the cell phones. Wall mounting a landline phone may require effectively running the phone cable from the wall jack to the device. A handyman can secure the wire against the wall, so it is safely out of the way.

A skilled hand can perform these tasks efficiently. Efficiency and order could keep phones from becoming lost or losing their charges. And all these steps might add another level of safety to the older person's home. Contact Homeclub to learn more.