Signs That Your Gutters Are Failing And Why

Failing gutters contribute to major roof problems. They keep water from pooling on your roof and direct it down to a safe area away from your home's foundation. However, even if you keep your gutters clean, they can still fail and need replacement. Here is more information about how to tell if your gutters are failing and the reasons why that happens.

Signs That Your Gutters Are Failing

Unless you have an unusually large storm or other disaster, you may miss the more subtle signs of gutter failure. Here are some common signs that you could lose your gutter's protection soon.

Cracks and Holes

Some cracks are so small that you won't notice them until you have a lot of rain and a lot of water pours through. You may be able to spot them before then by looking for peeling paint or odd mold patterns. If the cracks are minor, and your gutters are still mostly in good shape, then sealant can be applied to stop the leaks.

Pools Near the Foundation

One of your gutter and downspout's main jobs is to direct the water away from both your roof and your house. If you spot a pool of water gathering near your foundation, then you could have a damaged, dented, or missing downspout or overflowing gutters.

Sagging or Pulling Away

If your gutters sag or pull away, then it means that the nails or wood that attach the gutters to the house have weakened. Your gutters could have too much debris and need a serious clean-out. It is also possible that you have an undersized gutter system.

Rust and Mold

Rust or mold in and around your gutters, or wherever they overflow or leak, is a sure sign that your gutters need work. These mold or rusty patches are unsightly and usually show up on the side of your home where the most water flows out.

Reasons Why Gutters Fail

Gutters can fail for many reasons and they should always be fixed or replaced when they no longer work. Common reasons for gutter failure include:

  • Age
  • Lack of downspouts
  • Poor seals
  • Poor installation
  • Poor quality materials
  • Lack of maintenance
  • Clogs

If you have problems with your gutters, or your roof in general, call a professional, such as Mile High Seamless Gutters, to check them over. You could have other problems with your roof structure, fascia, or walls that need repair along with your gutters. Replacing or repairing everything will go a long way in protecting your roof and entire home from future water damage.