The Three Chairs You Need In Your Home Office

Home offices have become a hot commodity in 2020 and will likely turn into a permanent feature of many people's work for the foreseeable future. This means that every furnishing choice you make becomes more important.

Take the case of your office chairs, for instance. How important are the right office chairs in this home space? And what chairs should you have? Here are three items every space needs and what they should bring to the table. 

1. Desk Chair

Obviously, the chair you'll spend most of your work time in is the most important to get right. Look for features like adjustable armrests, lumbar support, adjustable heights, a seat deep enough to avoid putting pressure on your knees, and a back tilt you can adjust. Fit the chair to your own contours, and continue to make adjustments as you get used to working in it.

Home office desk chairs should also roll easily so you can work in various places in the office space. 

2. Reading Chair

When you're stuck in your employer's office all day long, you may be fine sitting on the same desk chair the whole time. But if you're uncomfortable in a home office, it's much easier to talk yourself in to taking a break or even stopping work for the day.

Fight this urge by giving yourself a place to go for a fresh perspective. Something as simple as a reading chair or lounging chair could be the perfect 'getaway' without actually getting away from what you need to accomplish. 

3. Guest Chair

Most home office arrangements don't see guests visit very often, of course. But some business owners and managers may need to host business meetings within their new office. You might also consider the 'guests' from your home that will invade your workspace at times — the kids, your spouse, your beer buddy, or even your cat and dog. 

Designate a place for occasional newcomers to sit down and say whatever it was they came to say. It's also a way to corral unplanned visits by your children by giving them a place to sit and watch a movie or talk with you without interrupting your work area.  

If you install these three chairs in your working space, the result will be a more comfortable and yet more productive place to get your business done. Learn more about office seating options by visiting with a business furniture supplier in your area.