Lay Patterns For Limestone Kitchen Backsplashes

Limestone and Granite stone products are attractive natural stones that works well for many residential applications. Some homeowners have limestone countertops installed, which are heat-resistant and attractive. You do need to be vigilant to prevent staining, though experts point out limestone is a sophisticated choice for the kitchen.

A good use of limestone in the kitchen is for the backsplash since you have less staining concern. For kitchen backsplashes, contractors usually use limestone tiles. Below are some attractive lay patterns for kitchen backsplashes.

Running Bond

Limestone tiles often come in the classic subway shape, which is the same as for bricks. So, the contractors can install them in the standard running bond, which sees them staggered between rows. If you choose limestone tiles with obvious color differentiation, you'll get a textured backsplash. Otherwise, your backsplash will serve as a warm neutral backdrop.


The herringbone lay pattern is another brick pattern that starts with subway tiles. The contractors lay the limestone tiles at either 90-degree or 45-degree angles. Even if the limestone tiles show little variations in color, you get a lot more movement with this lay pattern. The herringbone limestone pattern is ideal for transitional kitchens because it keeps the eye moving.

Craftsman Square

Contractors can also start with two sizes of square limestone tiles interspersed with rectangular tiles. They'll lay the tiles so that the smaller tiles and rectangles work to equalize the large squares. Laying the tiles thus is an intricate job worthy of a craftsman — hence the name. This lay pattern is also ideal for Craftsman-styled kitchens.


Fabricators can cut limestone into many different tile shapes. One is the hexagon, which carries a distinctive retro vibe. Limestone comes in both warm and cool colors, with the cool tiles showing more difference in coloration. A limestone backsplash done in cool hues would be ideal for a traditional or old-world kitchen.


Another shape for limestone tiles is the arabesque. These tiles feature curves and gentle points that make a distinctively exotic shape. Contractors typically use limestone that's fairly monochromatic. The white grout shows off the delicate shape of the tiles, though. Such a backsplash would look beautiful in any Mediterranean-inspired kitchen.

Oversized Squares

Limestone offers a beautiful surface with subtle variegations in color and the occasional fossil. Fabricators often cut the limestone into oversized squares to show off this beauty. When the contractors lay these tiles, the result is an area that lets the natural beauty of the stone shine through. Because it's minimalistic, this lay pattern works well with modern kitchens.

Choose limestone tiles for your kitchen backsplash.