Add Beautiful And Durable Countertops To Your Kitchen And Bathroom

If you're in the market for new countertops, you may be realizing that it's a big commitment with a large price. Marble is one sought after material for kitchen and bathroom countertops, but comes with a hefty price tag and does not withstand staining and scratches. Quartz is a material that can be designed to resemble marble or another natural stone variety and possesses characteristics that will guarantee that you will receive a good deal if you choose this type of investment for your home renovation.

Never Deal With Unsightly Grime Again

Old countertops that contain grooves or intricate edging designs can be every homeowner's nightmare, when it comes time to cleaning this type of surface. Do you spend hours scouring the current counters or are you disgusted by the signs of wear or visible staining that has compromised each counter's surface?

Think about marble and the attributes that it possesses. You may instantly visualize a bone white or beige coloring that contains faint lines throughout it, but you can also select a darker color countertop that is constructed of quartz and that resembles marble. A deep blue or black surface that contains feathery white or grey veining, plus possesses a slick surface, will add class to your home.

Since the new design will omit the grooves and intricate edging that have resulted in difficult countertop cleaning sessions, you will be able to wipe the new surfaces off quickly, without putting much effort into it. Additionally, quartz is non-porous, which means that liquids that spill onto the counter surfaces will not seep deep into the material and cause visible staining.

Upgrades That Coincide Will Improve The Aesthetics

Quartz countertops will greatly improve the aesthetical value in your kitchen or bathroom and you may notice that floor or wall coverings, tabletop appliances, and decor items pale in comparison to the improved counter spaces. Purchase throw rugs, new tabletop appliances, vanity collections, and portraits or landscapes that will complement the new counters.

In each room that contains a new countertop, you may want to contemplate the addition of a backsplash, which will protect the wall that is directly behind each counter. Choose tiles to comprise the backsplash and use a distinctly different color tile in comparison to each counter or choose a multi-hued design that contains two or more tile colors.

If you choose a shiny, dark quartz color that you would like to draw attention to, add track lighting over each counter. Track lighting will provide soft, subtle lighting, in both the kitchen and the bathroom and will highlight the new surfaces that you have chosen to use during the upgrading of your home.