Are Strange Odors Making It Hard To Work From Home? 4 Benefits Of Using Apple Scented Air Freshener Spray

When it comes to work, everything in your environment has an impact on your productivity. In an effort to make working from home possible, you might have done what you could to eliminate distractions such as unwanted noise. Unfortunately, you might have recently discovered that smells also impact your ability to focus. Whether your new puppy's potty training is influencing the smell or you pick up on the scent of the food you cooked this morning, using an apple scented air freshener spray gives you these benefits for improving your day.

Inspire a Sense of Comfort

Think for just a moment about what the scent of apples means to you. Does it inspire thoughts of the fall when the air is crisp and you can sip on hot cider? Or, perhaps you have memories of making warm apple pie during the holiday season or the spring. All of these feel-good memories come back when you smell the air freshener, which can transport you from annoyance to a relaxed state that allows you to work.

Sharpen Your Mind

The fresh scent of apples also helps you to wake up each day by stimulating your senses. You can use this same effect to help you get through a mid-afternoon slump. Are you facing a big meeting where you need to be on your toes, or do you have a major report to tackle? Giving your work area a quick spritz can get your brain working harder.

Soften and Eliminate Other Odors

Trying to focus is much harder when you have unwanted odors flowing into the room. Apple scented air freshener spray helps to cover up those scents with one that you feel is more pleasant. The apple scent works great for disguising food smells and others that detract from the beauty of your environment.

Ease Physical Discomforts

Scents can also have a powerful impact on your physical wellbeing. Although a scent cannot cure a malady, it can trigger relaxation within your mind that makes it easier to cope with discomfort. An apple scent might be able to help you ease migraines and other aches and pains. Try using the spray at various times during your work day when you know that you are more likely to experience pain that is exacerbated by stress. Over time, you'll be able to notice a pattern in how well adding a pleasant scent to your environment helps you feel better both emotionally and physically.