Halloween: An All Family Affair With the Pumpkin Carving Kit for Kids

As Halloween approaches, most everyone starts invoking their creativity to create the scariest costumes. However, among the many different trademarks of the holiday, one stands as a traditional activity: the jack-o'-lantern. 

Kids are often left out in the carving of the jack-o'-lantern due to the danger of sharp carving tools, but not anymore. With the introduction of safe and kid-friendly carving tools, the entire family can now jointly partake in this traditional activity without worrying about injuries.

These tools are specially designed to allow easy and safe usage by the kids. 

What it Entails and Their Use 

A perfect kid's carving kit entails all the essential tools required to design, carve and light a pumpkin transforming it into a jack-o-lantern. With the right tools in hand, kids can safely craft their pumpkins and bring their imagination to life.

Here is what you should look for when grabbing a pumpkin carving kit for your kid(s). The tools should be made of soft plastic on the handles and stainless steel cutting parts.

  • A pumpkin scooper and pumpkin glove scrapper are used to empty the seeds and fiber of the pumpkin to create a hollow space. The scooper's serrated edges help kids scrape out any sticky or hard substance from the pumpkin effortlessly. Alternatively, the gloves serve as a protective measure when doing it by hand.

  • A large and small saw - the large saw is used to cut off the top part of the pumpkin to gain access to its inside. It is best suited for this job as it can cut at slanting angles, which is recommended to avert the lid from falling into the pumpkin. Kids use the trim saw to cut and carve out more precise shapes that need high accuracy. It effectively creates the lantern's face, like cutting out its eyes and mouth in any desired shape.

  • A drill is used to punch precise holes into the pumpkin. Simply locate the position, mark it and drill it.

  • A poker wheel is used together with the stencils to make patterns on the pumpkin. An excellent kit should be supplied with stencils of varied designs. Stick the stencil on the pumpkin and run the poker wheel on its edges to cut out the shape.

  • LED Candles - conventional candles have the potential of causing burns or fire if misused by kids. Therefore, the use of LED candles is safer, brighter, easy to handle, and long-lasting. Additionally, it gives control of the lighting pattern.

Parting Shot

Kids need ultra care when working with tools; hence they should be designed to present minimal risk of injury. Pumpkin carving kits for kids have managed to incorporate this safety measure into their design, allowing kids to be part of the preparations building up to Halloween.

For more information about pumpkin carving kits, contact a local company like Halloween Moments to learn more.