5 Reasons You Need Motorized Blinds

Window blinds are understandably popular, thanks to the wide range of materials, colors, and styles available. One type of blind to consider for your windows is the motorized blind. These have a motor that controls slat position as well as opening-closing, which can be controlled manually or automatically depending on the design.

1. Cordless Safety

It's no secret that blind control cords are a safety risk because they can pose a strangulation hazard for children and pets. Motorized blinds are by their very nature completely cordless. You can safely install them in any window, including those in children's rooms or those close enough to the ground that children and pets can easily reach the window. 

2. Control High Windows

Homes with vaulted ceilings or lofted rooms often feature windows high on the wall. These windows can be impossible to reach without a ladder, so it may seem that your options are always covered or no window covering at all. With motorized blinds designed to fit high windows, you can easily open and close the blinds at will with no need for ladders or long control cords.

3. Smart Home Features

Most modern motorized blinds come with automation options, which are either accessible directly on the blind controls or via integration with your preferred smart home device. This allows you to control the blinds even if you aren't home, so you can shut them if you are coming home late. Some even feature light or temperature sensors so that opening and closing are fully automated. 

4. More Accessibility

For those with current accessibility issues or those worried about having such issues while aging in place at home, knowing you can easily control the view and the amount of light in the home can aid in maintaining independence. Even those with minor mobility issues, such as arthritis, can benefit from easier blinds operation that doesn't require messing with tangled cords or wands. 

5. Operation Options

You can find motorized blinds with a variety of operation options. Some are controlled by a switch or dial on the wall, while others may have a dedicated remote. There are also those that integrate with an app, so you can use your smartphone, tablet, or computer to control your blinds. Many models can be programmed to work with multiple options, so you can opt for both app control and control using a remote or wall switch.

Contact a blinds dealer to learn more about the motorized blind options that are available for your home.