How To Protect Your Hardwood Floors Around A Fireplace In Minnesota

Minnesotans know how brutal the winters can be. If you've gone without a fireplace and you've finally decided to have one put in, but you're concerned about damage to your wood floors, rest assured the two can co-exist quite peacefully, so long as you take the proper precautions. Here are some simple ways to protect your hardwood floors around a hearth. Hearth Extension The whole purpose of a hearth extension is to protect the floor around the fireplace and prevent a fire from starting if burning logs or embers were to fall out. Read More 

Three Tips To Help Guide You When Picking Out Patio Furniture

When the weather is nice and you want to enjoy a relaxing day with family and friends, having good patio furniture can truly assist with the occasion. Outdoor furniture gives you the opportunity to create an oasis for yourself, far away from the electronic items that can sometimes be so distracting. However, the makes and models of patio furniture currently on the market are huge and varied. You might find yourself baffled as to how to select the furniture that will work perfectly for your backyard. Read More